MS FARM has a competent crew under the leadership of Stig Henningsen.



MS FARM is based in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.
For any other starting-point or termination-point the hiring party must be prepared to pay for the time and fuel spent between the home base and the location in question.



MS FARM has a valid certificate for passenger transport as required by The Norwegian Ship Control Authority for the waters around Svalbard.



She can carry up to 10 passengers on day excursions,
 and 7 + the captain on overnight excursions.



  • Average speed is 7-8 knots.

  • Maximum sailing / working hours per day = 12 hrs (for reasons of safety).



  • MS FARM has a working season lasting from aprox. January 1st through December. The season may start later, or even earlier, depending on ice conditions.

  • Operations prior to May 1st and after September 30th are subject to weather and ice-conditions.



  • MS Farm is an aluminium boat.

  • The vessel measures 15,25 m in length 3.8 m in breadth. She has a maximum draught of 2.0 m.



The vessel carries a maximum of 3.3 m3 fuel (diesel). In calm weather the average consumption of fuel, per 12 hours of sailing, is approx. 400 l diesel.

  • Stand by consumption is approximately 10 l per hour.

  • Fuel and two-stroke oil for the use of zodiac / outboard other than for landings, must be prearranged and are charged additionally.



  • CAT 3306 360hp



  • The vessel’s electrical system runs on 24 volts. Separate 12-volt systems operate for communication systems and instrumentation.

  • On board electricity for additional equipment can be obtained at 12 v, 24v, 110 v and 220v.


  • The cargo compartment is situated aft and accommodates 13 m3. Access is via a hatch (80x100 cm) on the afterdeck, which is equipped with permanently mounted ladders.

  • The working space of the aft deck / working platform is appprox 12 m2 (Total measures 4,5 m x 3.8 m), limited by the position of the crane and the entrance to the aft cabin as well as the cargo hole.
The forward deck measures 3x3 m with limited loading height.
A railing (height 100 cm) runs around the entire periphery of the vessel.

  • Astern there are permanently mounted ladders for access to the sea.

  • The vessel’s bearing load capacity is limited to approximately 2 tonnes of cargo, depending on the nature of the cargo.
Any cargo or equipment to be stored on deck must be packed in suitable containers or wrapping appropriate for handling at sea.


  • MS FARM is equipped with VHF as well as MF/HF-radios, radar, autopilot, depth sounder and GPS navigator.

  • There is a permanent on board Irridium satellite phone as well as a GSM mobile phone covering limited areas.

  • Cable for internet access via iridium is available providing upgraded PC / lap top.

  • Field Communication Radios are available for 8 persons.

  • Crane: Fassi 25, 18ft/5.75.
Hydraulic winch: 350 kg. 400m / 5mm stainless steel wire.

  • Seawater pump on deck.



The vessel has 2 lavatories (WC), and 1 shower.

  • Central heating, galley with cooking stove and baking oven and a small refrigerator (50 l). Freezer capasity can be arranged.

  • All necessary kitchen utensils are provided.


  • MS Farm is fully licensed to sell beverages, beer, wine and liquor.
Alcoholic beverages brought on board by the customer can only be consumed on board by agreement of the captain.



  • The vessel seats 6-8 persons + captain comfortably, in a combined bridge / salon / galley. Additional seating can be accommodated in the forward cabin.
The vessel has 7 permanent bunks, all of which are situated in the forward cabin. The captain sleeps in the aft cabin.

  • Members of hiring party must provide their own sleeping bags.

  • Bedding can be arranged upon request.

  • Limited storage compartments for personal belongings are available under the lower beds.


A Zodiac MK 2 with Yamaha 4 Hp alt. 30 Hp outboard is available on board for transport ashore.

  • Additionally, 6 survival suits for this sort of travel (these are not marine working suits).

  • A rifle with ammunition for protection against polar bears is on board for use during brief excursions.
 (NB: For fieldwork or other time spent ashore, the hiring party must provide their own weapons.)
Portable VHF radios are onboard for communication to MS FARM during trips ashore.

  • Please note that the captain can leave MS FARM only in order to land parties ashore. Even this sort of absence from the vessel is subject to suitable weather conditions. The hiring party should be fit as well as competent to handle landings by zodiac among themselves.



  • Each hiring party must supply their own provisions as well as provisions for the captain/ crew.

  • Provisions can be purchased in Longyearbyen. All provisions must be suitably packed for handling and storage onboard.

  • MS FARM is licensed to sell a variety of alcoholic beverages on board. By pre agreement me may provide food and able catering crew at an additional cost.


  • Local logistics / practical help in any matter regarding your stay, may be organised by previous arrangement.
Prices by the hour.



Riggings for loading or handling large equipment, such as winches, must be arranged well in advance of the sailing season.
The vessel is well equipped with basic tools, and the captain has a fair amount of repair expertise.

  • In the event of the need for special tools or equipment, this can be arranged at an additional cots. Any additional or special equipment must be requested in advance and will lead to an additional - fee subject to agreement by all parties.

  • It is of paramount importance that all cargo to be loaded onboard MUST be packed to withstand rough handling at sea.


The hiring party is solely responsible for arranging any necessary dispensations / permits / permission / insurance required by the Norwegian authorities for any operation / landing / fieldwork etc. in protected or restricted areas of Svalbard.

Permits must be carried aboard in the areas subject to restrictions, and must be presented to the captain on request. Such permits should be applied for well in advance via the Governor's office.


SYSSELMESTEREN, The District Governor

Phone + 47 7902 4300 Fax + 47 7902 1166

According to marine legislation the captains decisions regarding the safety of the vessel as well as its passengers and crew cannot – at any time – be disputed in the event of difficult waters or critical situations.

Henningsen Transport & Guiding AS


Tel: +47 4004 9171

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